New offering debuts in Manchester, expanding virtually and in additional community-based locations throughout 2022-23

HANOVER, N.H. (September 15, 2022) Better Life Partners, the leading community-based provider of substance use treatment in New Hampshire and throughout New England, announced the launch of Responsive Care, an innovative medical program designed to close systemic gaps in care for people with substance use disorders (SUD). The program is currently available in Manchester at 1269 Cafe and is expected to be introduced in other communities in New England later this year through early 2023.

A harm-reduction and trauma-informed model, Responsive Care reduces the gap that prevents too many people with SUD from accessing evidence-based physical healthcare leading to preventable poor health and life outcomes. Through Responsive Care, Better Life Partners’ medical providers diagnose, treat, and prevent a number of comorbid health conditions, including hepatitis C (HCV), sexually transmitted infections (STIs), skin rashes and infections, wounds, urinary tract infections, and more.

“Helping a person heal from substance use involves attending to all of their health needs, not just their addiction,” said David de Gijsel, MD, Chief Health Officer of Better Life Partners. “With Responsive Care, our goal is to prioritize physical health needs, alongside our addiction treatment, providing immediate care and attention where community resources are not available.” 

Historically, there have been challenges providing care to those living with SUD, particularly those who are also low-income, as care is often hard to access, siloed and punitive. People with SUD are frequently stigmatized and judged, leading to multiple harmful and even traumatic experiences within healthcare systems that can result in the person avoiding care altogether. By partnering with local community organizations, like 1269 Cafe,  Better Life Partners seeks to create settings across the in-person and virtual care continuum that are grounded in compassion, empathy and respect.

“Community is at the heart of healing and thus care. With a community-based approach, we are able to foster trusting relationships and care spaces where people not only can better access effective treatment but actually feel welcomed, accepted and comfortable enough to continue to seek it,” said Juliana Ekong, MD, CEO of Better Life Partners. “Our goal is to do what it takes to help folks with substance use disorders heal and find belonging, love and purpose. We started with excellent addiction care, which means addressing holistic needs, so it’s no surprise that we have added  on physical and mental health care offerings to our members. Treating addiction means supporting the whole person. That is what Responsive Care is about”. 


Better Life Partners provides what it takes to heal from addiction. For whomever, wherever, whenever. With a focus on both individual care and impactful community partnerships, Better Life Partners delivers harm reduction services and medical and behavioral health care that drive improved clinical and financial outcomes. Committed to an equitable, accessible, and integrated health system, Better Life Partners provides the tools needed for everyone to live a healthy life full of belonging, love, and purpose. 

Better Life Partners is currently licensed to provide care in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts, and contracted with Medicaid, Medicare, and Commercial insurers. Powered by a compassionate clinical team and backed by F-Prime Capital, .406 Ventures, and other investors, Better Life Partners is positioned to build the multispecialty practice of the future. To learn more, visit


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