A modern platform for value-based care

Our vision is to build the multispecialty practice of the future:


  • Value-based

  • Tech-enabled

  • Integrated clinical team

Better Life Partners Payers

Statewide scale via telehealth and community partnerships

Agile integrated team

Physicians, counselors, coaches, case managers, and community health workers efficiently optimizing care using software and analytics.

Community partnerships

Our network of community health workers engages members and brings access to care locally in partnership with community-based organizations.

Telehealth + in-person access

We combine the best of virtual and local care to bring access to underserved communities across large geographies.

Our custom technology enables effective, data-driven care

Patient engagement

Multi-channel medical and behavioral care delivery tailored to individual member needs.


Access to medical and psychiatric providers, counselors, coaches, digital interventions and care coordinators.

Community health

Mobile application for community health workers to facilitate partnerships and member outreach.

Dynamic care planning

Real-time analytics to individualize care for optimal value with machine learning.

We’re engineered for value-based care

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Clinical excellence

Evidence-based clinical programs that address whole person needs delivered with the flexibility needed to create impact.

Alternative payment models

From bundles to full risk, we align reimbursement to achieve optimal member outcomes

Quadruple aim

Data-driven design for improving member experience, population health, cost effectiveness, and care team reliability

Payer partnerships

Let’s work together to develop a customized value-based solution for your members at scale.