Convenient Alcohol Treatment Program in Randolph, MA

Get compassionate, community-based alcoholism treatment in Randolph, MA. Our alcohol treatment program is accessible online!

Same-Day Treatment for Alcoholism (AUD) in Randolph, MA

Better Life Partners offers same-day treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD) in Randolph, MA. Whether you prefer to be face-to-face or in the comfort of your home, you can customize treatment with our virtual care options. We’ve got a large range of meeting times from early morning to later evening to help fit treatment seamlessly into your life. We also have translators available whenever needed.

Our strong partnerships with organizations in communities across Massachusetts mean we’re able to deliver wraparound treatment to anyone in need wherever and whenever you need us. To accomplish this we also make sure we’re affordable for budgets of all sizes. We accept most insurance, including BCBS, MassHealth, Medicaid, and Medicare. We also offer a sliding fee scale to anyone who needs it. Just reach out to us at (866) 679-0831 and we’ll help you find what works for you.

Here’s how to join BLP’s alcohol treatment program:

  1. Chat with one of our care team members by calling (866) 679-0831. This is a confidential, no-pressure 15-minute conversation.
  2. If after this call you feel like Better Life Partners would be a good place for your recovery journey, you can start treatment immediately. We’ll give you a quick orientation and help you arrange weekly group counseling sessions at the perfect time for you.
  3. As an optional resource, we offer medication-assisted treatment for AUD. Medication is not a requirement for treatment, but if it interests you, just let us know when you call. One of our clinicians can follow up with you to discuss your medication options and talk about your goals for recovery to decide if medication is a good addition for you.

Convenient Alcohol Treatment Program Near You in Randolph, MA

Better Life Partners offers top-notch care for alcohol use disorder without the hassle no matter where you live in Massachusetts. Our care is available online and you can get started on the same day you give us a call at (866) 679-0831. If you’re ready to make a change for a healthier tomorrow, we’re ready to support you in whatever ways you need.

A top priority for our organization is to meet you wherever you are on your recovery journey and support you unconditionally. That means your recovery goals are your choice. Whether that involves drinking less, abstaining, or something else, we’ll help you find resources that work for you.

What makes Better Life Partners’ alcoholism (AUD) treatment unique?

  • We offer convenient same-day care full of compassion. We have no waitlists or abstinence requirements. The day you call is the day you start, if you want. Each of our members is welcomed wherever they are on their recovery journey without judgment. We’re here to offer the resources and support that can help you meet your recovery dreams.
  • You name your own goals for treatment. We’re a member-centric organization that believes in putting the needs and wants of our members first. No matter what your goals for recovery are–abstinence, moderation, or something else–we have a full list of resources to support you and your unique goals.
  • We provide whole-person treatment resources. We understand the complexity of addiction, which is why our comprehensive treatment services harness the power of peer support, licensed counselors, and medical providers. Recovery involves both the mind and the body, so it makes sense that treatment options should too.Naltrexone for alcoholism in Randolph, Massachusetts

Get Community-Based Alcoholism (AUD) Treatment in Randolph, MA

At Better Life Partners our same-day alcoholism (AUD)treatment services are available all across Massachusetts. We excel in working with our members to provide a convenient and customizable care plan that highlights your goals for treatment. And because recovery looks different for everyone, we provide you with dozens of different support and resource options so you can pick and choose which ones work best for you.

Community group counseling sessions are the foundation of our treatment program. Peer support is a powerful resource during recovery and has been shown to work in programs across the world. During these weekly meetings, which are always led by a licensed counselor, you’ll discuss topics related to alcoholism and recovery in a confidential and welcoming setting with peers who understand and relate. You’ll also have the opportunity to build in areas like symptom management, healthy coping strategies, and strong goal setting. Wherever you are on your recovery journey, our community is ready to support you!

Partnering with like-minded organizations throughout Massachusetts is what allows us to provide care for AUD wherever it’s needed. Among our many services, we provide: 

  • Group therapy led by a licensed professional
  • Supportive recovery community
  • Recovery coaching
  • Optional medications for alcohol use disorder
  • Medication management programs
  • Basic primary care services
  • Care coordination and referral services
  • And so much more!

To learn more or to get started with treatment today, call or text us at (866) 679-0831.

Optional medication for alcohol use disorder in Randolph, MA

At Better Life Partners, we can prescribe medications for alcoholism to our members. This is an optional resource and not required to be in our program. If this is something you’re interested in, you can give us a call or text at (866) 679-0831 and we’ll help you schedule a visit with one of our clinicians who can walk you through your options.

We provide three different medication options for alcohol use disorder (AUD). All three show great safety and efficacy in treating AUD. Here is a cheat sheet of what we have: 

  • Acamprosate: This is designed to mesh with goals of abstinence and works by limiting cravings for alcohol.
  • Disulfiram: Similar to Acamprosate, this medication is also meant for individuals who want to quit drinking. It heightens the body’s reaction to alcohol and makes you physically sensitive to drinking.
  • Naltrexone: This medication lowers the pleasant effects felt from drinking alcohol and is best for members looking to moderate their drinking but not necessarily quit completely.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time to learn more about your options by calling or texting us at (866) 679-0831.

Compassionate Alcohol Treatment Program in Randolph, MA

The unfortunate reality when living with alcoholism (AUD), is you’re often surrounded by judgment even when looking to start treatment. You don’t deserve that. You have the same right to compassionate and respectful care regardless of what your goals for recovery are. At Better Life Partners, there are no waitlists and you are not required to be abstinent to be in our program. Treatment can look however you want it to look.

We guide our program with a harm reduction policy. This allows us to meet you where you are and provide you with options, never consequences. If life throws you an obstacle and you miss a meeting or relapse, we work with you to find a way forward. We don’t threaten you with being kicked out or unwelcome if you don’t fit a certain standard. We are and will always be here for you.

To get started today or see what options might look good for you, call or text (866) 679-0831.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Better Life Partners located in Randolph, Massachusetts?

We partner with community organizations so that we can provide our medication-assisted treatment services wherever they’re needed in Massachusetts. With fantastic partners and virtual options, no matter where you are in the state, you can receive our alcohol treatment services.

How is Better Life Partners’ alcohol treatment program different from AA?

Our program takes the best parts of AA and builds upon them. We offer group sessions, like AA, but they are led by licensed professionals and are focused on your unique needs. While our sessions aren’t geared toward a one-faith practice, we support members of all faiths and encourage each person to share what’s important to them.

Why do you use Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and alcoholism interchangeably?

First and foremost, we use the word alcoholism on our website to make sure folks looking online for treatment find us as an option! That said, we know there are several people out there who don’t relate to that word, so we use it alongside AUD and aim to use alcohol use disorder in place of alcoholism when possible.  

We use alcohol use disorder instead of alcoholism because AUD includes varying degrees of alcohol use and is a diagnostic medical term, whereas “alcoholism” is a colloquial term that is often interpreted negatively or as referring to someone with a severe alcohol use problem. So, we use AUD to be inclusive and non-judgmental!

Do I need to take medication to be in your program?

Absolutely not! We never ask our members to do anything they are not comfortable with. Many of our members opt out of medications and others elect to use them. Your recovery is up to you! We’re here to provide you with options so you can choose the treatment style that works best for you.

I’m interested in medications, how quickly can I start on Naltrexone/Acamprosate/Disulfiram for Alcoholism?

We offer same-day treatment with or without medications for alcoholism/AUD. Call/text to get started: (866) 679-0831.

What is expected of me during treatment?

First, you will meet with a medical professional to get started. After that, members take part in supportive counseling sessions. Depending on where you’re at in your recovery, this may look like weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly group therapy. Overall, what your treatment looks like is up to you–we’re just here to give you whatever support you need in the process.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, BCBS, MassHealth, most insurances, and offer a sliding fee scale as needed.

What’s it like to be a Better Life Partners member?

We may be biased, but we think it’s pretty great! We operate with a non-punitive harm reduction philosophy, which means that we offer compassion and flexibility to help you achieve your goals. We believe in creating options and a sense of belonging during recovery, instead of focusing on consequences. Plus, we integrate with other community organizations to make sure you can get our care no matter where you are.

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