Convenient Alcohol Treatment Program in Wilmington, MA

You can start recovering from alcoholism (AUD) with Better Life Partners’ alcohol treatment program in Wilmington, MA.

Accessible Treatment for Alcoholism (alcohol use disorder/AUD) in Wilmington, MA

Looking for an outpatient treatment program for alcohol use that is flexible and compassionate? Better Life Partners might be a great fit for you! We bring our high-quality treatment resources for alcohol use disorder directly to you in Wilmington, MA, as soon as you call us. Access our group counseling, optional medication treatment for AUD, educational resources, and more today!

We will work with you to create a treatment plan that fits into your busy work or school schedule. With both virtual treatment options, you can get care at home if that’s easiest for you. There are no requirements to start our program, and we will never deny you care—come as you are and join our compassionate, non-judgmental community.

Our partner organizations across the state help us set our members up with resources for alcohol use disorder treatment as soon as possible, anywhere in Massachusetts. We keep our treatment affordable: we offer a sliding fee scale and accept most insurance, including BCBS, MassHealth, Medicaid, and Medicare. Call or text us at (866) 679-0831 to get started right away

Get set up with Better Life Partners’ treatment program for alcohol use disorder (AUD) today:

  1. Reach out to us at (866) 679-0831 (either call or text is okay). You will speak to one of our team members for about 15 minutes, with the help of translators if needed. Right after this phone consultation, you can begin treatment.
  2. Next, we will work with you to schedule a brief orientation, an assessment, and weekly group counseling at convenient times for you.
  3. Some of our members use medication treatment for alcohol use. If you’d like to learn more about medication, you can meet with a clinician ASAP to discuss your options. Medication is never mandatory to get care with us, and many of our members choose not to take medication for AUD.

Treatment Program for Alcoholism (AUD) Near You in Wilmington, MA

Better Life Partners brings our same-day treatment resources to members throughout Massachusetts. Our non-judgmental care is focused on helping you and meeting your individual needs as you recover from alcohol use disorder (AUD). Anyone can join our program: we care about making treatment accessible, so you can start as soon as you call, and we have online options so you can get treatment wherever you are. 

Our group counseling is at the core of our treatment program at Better Life Partners. During weekly group sessions, which are led by licensed professionals, you can openly share your experiences with alcohol use and recovery in a safe space, helping you build a powerful and nourishing member network. The group leaders also provide warm guidance and conduct discussions about topics like symptom management and setting goals.

We bring dozens of resources for alcohol treatment to you thanks to the support of partner organizations across Massachusetts. Here is a sampling of the resources we provide: 

  • Group counseling led by a licensed professional
  • Open-minded and supportive community of members
  • Optional medications for alcoholism (AUD)
  • Recovery coaching
  • Mental health care
  • Basic primary health care
  • Medication management programs
  • And many others!

Call or text us at (866) 679-0831 to learn more about Better Life Partners in Wilmington, MA, and get set up with our non-judgmental treatment right away!

Naltrexone for alcoholism in Wilmington, Massachusetts

What’s unique about Better Life Partners’ treatment for alcohol use disorder?

  • Licensed medical professionals lead our group counseling sessions. During group counseling, a cornerstone of our program, members listen to and support one another during personal discussions of symptoms and stressors. The counselors who lead sessions help create a safe space, as well as present educational material about topics such as symptom management.
  • We practice harm reduction. Everyone deserves to be surrounded by respect and compassion while they recover from alcohol use disorder. There are no requirements to get treatment with us. We are not affiliated with a religious organization (but, of course, members of all faiths are warmly welcomed!) Abstinence is not mandatory to be in our program, and we will never punish you for missing a meeting, relapsing, or not being abstinent. 
  • We make treatment accessible for everyone. We have many time slots available for our sessions like group counseling, and without waitlists, we get you into the program as soon as possible and make sure you can consult with professionals to get your needs met ASAP.

High-Quality Alcohol Treatment Program in Wilmington, MA

As soon as you’re ready to pursue treatment, Better Life Partners will set you up with our care no matter where in Massachusetts you live. Our community-focused program will provide you the love and support you deserve, when you want and need it.

At Better Life Partners, we know that everyone’s recovery from alcohol use disorder is different. We take a member-centric approach to help us meet your individual needs, no matter what your path looks like. We’re here to support you as you work towards your specific treatment goals.

Take optional medication for alcoholism (AUD) today in Wilmington, MA

Call or text us at (866) 679-0831 ASAP and you can begin taking medication for alcohol use today! Some of our members opt to take medication for AUD and find that it helps them as they strive for their goals. Other members choose not to use medication—it is never a requirement. If you are interested in medication treatment, you can meet with a clinician right away to talk about what we offer.

We offer these three medications to members who want to try medication for alcohol use disorder (AUD):

  • Naltrexone: This medication can help people who would like to cut back on alcohol but don’t necessarily want to become abstinent.
  • Acamprosate: This medication is most useful for folks who want to fully abstain from alcohol. It works by reducing urges and cravings.
  • Disulfiram: Like Acamprosate, this medication is most appropriate for those who wish to abstain from alcohol. It makes your body very sensitive to alcohol, which can cause unpleasant side effects if you drink. 

These medications have been widely shown to be safe and effective options for AUD treatment. Many of our members who take medication feel that it works well alongside our other resources like our community-building group therapy.

Interested in medication treatment for alcohol use? Call/text us at (866) 679-0831 and begin optional medication treatment today.

Harm Reduction Alcohol Treatment Program in Wilmington, MA

We live by a philosophy of harm reduction at Better Life Partners. We know that everyone’s recovery goals and needs are different. Our members have all sorts of goals: some want to be abstinent; others want to cut back; still, others have another idea of what a healthy life looks like for them. We will never judge or punish you for what your journey looks like—we will support you unconditionally! 

We also will never punish you! Anyone is welcome to come to get treatment with us, and we’ll never kick you out for relapsing, missing meetings, or choosing not to be abstinent. Your Better Life Partners community of members and staff is here to respectfully love and support you and offer you the resources you want and need, no matter what!

We’re a call or text away at (866) 679-0831. Start our non-punitive treatment for alcohol use disorder today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Better Life Partners located in Wilmington, Massachusetts?

We partner with community organizations so that we can provide our medication-assisted treatment services wherever they’re needed in Massachusetts. With fantastic partners and virtual options, no matter where you are in the state, you can receive our alcohol treatment services.

How is Better Life Partners’ alcohol treatment program different from AA?

Our program takes the best parts of AA and builds upon them. We offer group sessions, like AA, but they are led by licensed professionals and are focused on your unique needs. While our sessions aren’t geared toward a one-faith practice, we support members of all faiths and encourage each person to share what’s important to them.

Why do you use Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and alcoholism interchangeably?

First and foremost, we use the word alcoholism on our website to make sure folks looking online for treatment find us as an option! That said, we know there are several people out there who don’t relate to that word, so we use it alongside AUD and aim to use alcohol use disorder in place of alcoholism when possible.  

We use alcohol use disorder instead of alcoholism because AUD includes varying degrees of alcohol use and is a diagnostic medical term, whereas “alcoholism” is a colloquial term that is often interpreted negatively or as referring to someone with a severe alcohol use problem. So, we use AUD to be inclusive and non-judgmental!

Do I need to take medication to be in your program?

Absolutely not! We never ask our members to do anything they are not comfortable with. Many of our members opt out of medications and others elect to use them. Your recovery is up to you! We’re here to provide you with options so you can choose the treatment style that works best for you.

I’m interested in medications, how quickly can I start on Naltrexone/Acamprosate/Disulfiram for Alcoholism?

We offer same-day treatment with or without medications for alcoholism/AUD. Call/text to get started: (866) 679-0831.

What is expected of me during treatment?

First, you will meet with a medical professional to get started. After that, members take part in supportive counseling sessions. Depending on where you’re at in your recovery, this may look like weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly group therapy. Overall, what your treatment looks like is up to you–we’re just here to give you whatever support you need in the process.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, BCBS, MassHealth, most insurances, and offer a sliding fee scale as needed.

What’s it like to be a Better Life Partners member?

We may be biased, but we think it’s pretty great! We operate with a non-punitive harm reduction philosophy, which means that we offer compassion and flexibility to help you achieve your goals. We believe in creating options and a sense of belonging during recovery, instead of focusing on consequences. Plus, we integrate with other community organizations to make sure you can get our care no matter where you are.

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