Last week, Better Life Partners’ Vermont Medical Director Andrew Seaman spoke at the Vermont Overdose Prevention Network’s International Overdose Awareness Day event in front of the Capital.

When reflecting on the event, Andy says, “It was deeply inspiring for me. Most importantly, because of the mourning family and community members there, standing beside or holding pictures of the people they have lost. This work we do is so critical and I’m honored to be doing it. I hope someday the work we do will be translated across the country to people who need it.”

“Too often, when we hear about the overdose crisis, we hear about numbers,” Andy started his testimony with, “These numbers are striking, but they leave me numb. I want to talk about stories. Real people. Mothers, fathers, children, uncles, aunts, partners, friends… stories of a community, a government, and a culture that are failing them.”

Listen to those stories below at 25:21 and learn how we can make a difference moving forward. Overdose doesn’t have to be a reality – it can be prevented.