Members of the LGBTQIA+ community need compassionate substance use treatment that acknowledges their unique struggles and offers a non-judgmental path toward healing. To provide an intentional space that helps sex and gender diverse individuals find community, Better Life Partners has launched a new recovery group for LGBTQIA+ members in New Hampshire.

Who can join:

Any gender diverse or LGBTQIA+ member seeking opioid use treatment in New Hampshire. 

When and where:

Virtually, via Zoom, starting June 26 on the 55th anniversary of Stonewall.

How to get started:

  • Call or text (866) 679-0831 for a brief consultation
  • We’ll get you access to treatment that same day and schedule counselor visits depending on your needs
  • If medically appropriate, our providers may prescribe Suboxone or other medication to help you feel well 
  • Make sure to let us know that you’re interested in joining our LGBTQIA+ recovery group and we’ll help get you signed up
  • If you’re already a member of Better Life Partners, ask a counselor, coordinator, or call in to Central to learn more about joining this new group

Why specialized support matters

Members of the LGBTQIA+ community experience unique challenges that can contribute to substance use disorder, including discrimination, stigma, rejection from their support systems, and internalized homophobia or transphobia. But all too often, discrimination or lack of understanding from traditional healthcare settings discourages them from getting help in the first place. If they do seek treatment, their options rarely consider those unique barriers and stressors and how they affect recovery.

Importantly, recovery in and of itself can be an incredibly isolating experience. Bars, clubs, and other LGBTQIA+ social spaces are often centered around alcohol and drug use, making it difficult for individuals in treatment to participate in their communities.

For those living in rural areas of New Hampshire, these challenges may be even more pronounced. They might feel unsafe in the limited programs and groups available to them, and unable to find a sense of belonging. 

Addressing these barriers requires a comprehensive harm reduction approach. For Better Life Partners, that includes LGBTQIA+-affirming addiction treatment, and connections to culturally competent healthcare providers.


The importance of harm reduction and medication assisted treatment

Harm reduction work has deep roots in LGBTQIA+ communities, tracing back to services that helped prevent transmission of HIV. When applied to substance use recovery, this strategy seeks to meet individuals where they are, in their current state of drug use, and help them reduce the harm caused by that use. 

At Better Life Partners, harm reduction means that we give people options, not consequences. We respect and care for all people—regardless of whether they choose to continue to use drugs. 

One component of our harm reduction approach includes access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with Suboxone. MAT recognizes the intersectionality of identity and addiction, offering compassionate and practical support. By alleviating the withdrawal symptoms associated with addiction, medications like Suboxone offer the stability people need to begin their recovery journey. This creates a foundation upon which LGBTQIA+ individuals can rebuild their lives, pursue their aspirations, and nurture their relationships.

Better Life Partners combines these FDA-approved medications with supportive counseling and peer coaching to help address the root causes of addiction. For sex and gender diverse individuals in New Hampshire, that means access to virtual recovery groups with people who understand their experiences, helping each member find community without fear of judgment or stigma.

Find out how you or a loved one can take the first step on your recovery journey. Get started today.